Country of Origin: United States This is a cross breed of a Pug and a Beagle. This is not a recognized breed.

Size: Height: 10-15 inches; Weight: 15-20 pounds

Coat: Will vary. Research both Pugs and Beagles for coat possibilities. May take after one or both breeds.

Character: This is a sociable and easy-going breed who is intelligent and calm

Temperament: The Puggle gets along well with children, other dogs and household pets. It may show signs of jealousy, however, if it feel ignored by it's owner.

Care: Brush occasionally. Average shedder. Bathe only when necessary.

Training: Intelligent dog. May be slightly stubborn at times. Consistent training.

Activity: Okay for apartment life. Needs some daily exercise to avoid boredom. Likes walks and play time.