Description: The Havapoo is, of course, a crossbred dog. However, that should not stop you from wanting to pick one up. In fact, these are not called crossbred dogs, but designer dogs. They are called designer dogs, because they are made with certain traits in mind. For example, the Havapoos are a low shedding breed. That is something that the makers of this dog were aiming for.

On top of that, this is a breed that loves to be loved and loves to play. The only problem you can have out of a Havapoo is that you never know how it is going to turn out. That is the reason why it's a crossbred dog and not a purebred. To be a purebred dog, you have to have traits that stay the same in every dog.

Since you never know what traits are going to be taken from which dog, the Havapoos do have kind of a mixed personality. However, the two dogs that do make up the Havapoos are sweet dogs, and everyone seems to fall in love with them pretty quickly.

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